CEO Greeting

 A company that leads from its reliability and honesty
For Space heating system Co., Ltd

Space heating system Co., Ltd manufactures ,sells and distributes industrial, home seasonal products,
offering all types of thermal heaters, freeze prevention products, industrial heater, heater, fans etc.

We strive to provide products that excel in quality that satisfy customers, based on our motto:
”quality management, customer satisfaction, and nurturing of personnel”. The superior quality and enhanced productivity increase our competitiveness.


We always place our clients first, making top quality our priority, and always placing ourselves in the shoes of our customers,
Space heating system Co., Ltd thrive with our continuous effort to be reliable and trust worthy to our clients.


Our entire personnel is honest and incessantly cooperate and respect each other. As a competent company, we only aim at producing
the best value and we hope for your continuous support.